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Create your own catalogs in PDF format and products presentations

Your PDF catalogs and products presentations

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PDF catalogs and products presentations

You’re looking for a simple way to create your own catalogs and on-screen presentations? with cat-pres, you can easily manage and provide uptodate catalogs to your prospects and customers. No need of specialists for that, our catalog maker is really easy to use and efficient.

How does it work?

With your information, simply fill in the data in the product sheets, add the photos and let the program make the layout. If you have a great amount of references, directly import your product data with a file in CSV or JSON format. Help and examples are provided inside the app.

How do I organize data?

For each catalog, to select which products will be shown, choose supplier or product family, or mix several. Specify the sort order.

Is it flexible?

Manage the cover-page, summary, top, footer and product structure. Everything is customizable, visual from 1 to 16 products per page, with photo or not, title, detailed presentation, price, reference…

Your products Your products presentation

How do I share my catalog?

Preview to check the result, send by e-mail, share with compatible apps on your device, upload to your website. For the presentations, show them directly on-screen (finger swipe).

I need a digital catalog for tomorrow!

Once cat-pres downloaded, you can start your project at once. No subscription required, no registration. The PDF catalog is created directly on your device, no need of internet connexion for that.

Demo version?

Download cat-pres for free and discover all the features with the included demo files. Once ready, start your own creations and optimize your business!


All features are operational in the free version, only the number of managed products is limited. Expand the capacity for your needs via an in-app purchase. See prices inside the app.